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Pupil Free Days

Just a reminder that both Friday 8 April and Tuesday 26 April are intended Pupil Free Days. This Friday, Parent Interviews are being held. On Tuesday April 26, the whole of CtK Staff are participating in a day of Professional Development.

Happy Easter

You may have noticed our Easter Bunny friends outside of the office doors in the passageway. On behalf of all the staff please have a safe and joyous holiday break and Easter.


Year 6

WasteSorted and Clean Schools Workshop


It was great to see all of the Year 6 students here on Wednesday out sorting rubbish as part of our Waste Audit. Mrs Hughes and the Year 6 teachers helped out with the students to sort out the rubbish collect throughout the week into different areas- recyclable and reusable in an effort to reduce our waste.

Our Sustainable Team have also started to set up a Recycle Station near the canteen. Recycled items include bottle tops, light globes and batteries. Please feel free to drop off any of these items and help us to teach the children that we are all in this together.

Nude Food Days

Our students have a Nude Food Day every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY during Term 2 (and most try to have a Nude Food Lunch Box every day).

Nude Food Days encourage our students and school community to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or packaging.

The purpose of the Waste-Free Lunch is to:

  • Help students and their parents understand the benefits of a waste-free lunch and to be more aware of over-packaging in food
  • Encourage students and their parents to meet the challenge of a waste-free lunch day or week
  • Minimise waste from lunches at your school.

On Nude Food Days we ask that all student lunch boxes contain no throwaway packaging and produce no food waste.




Bricks4Kidz will be conducting afterschool programs in Robotics here at    CtK!! Please see the link on this page to book or contact Tim Yap at Bricks4Kidz for more information.

CtK Waste Wise Initiative

Waste-Free Lunch Challenge

Christ the King School is committed to being a waste-wise school and part of this is the implementation of waste-free lunches every day. We ask that your child’s lunch contain as few items as possible that need to be thrown away. Ideally, your child’s lunch will only contain items that will be eaten, composted or recycled. The school bins will be removed on these days and any rubbish will be sent home with your child.

The Waste-Free Lunch Challenge is one of CtK sustainability education initiatives. By participating, students will have a better understanding of how we can take action to reduce our waste. Waste-free lunches also save money and promote healthy eating.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you for supporting your child’s participation in CtK’s Waste-Free Lunch Challenge and reinforcing the school’s commitment to increased sustainability and environmental awareness.

Tips for Waste-Free Lunches

Waste-free lunches contain only items that are eaten, composted or recycled. They don’t contain wrappers or packaging that will be thrown in the rubbish bin.

Example of lunch items with waste:

  • Sandwich in disposable cling wrap or plastic sandwich bag
  • Chips or pretzels in a plastic/foil packet
  • Juice in a squeeze pouch with a plastic straw
  • Food items wrapped in Alfoil
  • Yoghurt in squeeze pouches or plastic ‘shot’ bottles
  • Individually wrapped muesli bars
  • Pre-packaged fruit salad in a small plastic tub
  • Pre-packaged ‘snack pack’ of crackers and cheese spread
  • Examples of lunch items that are waste-free:
  • Sandwich in a snug-fitting reusable container
  • Snacks in a reusable container
  •  Water, juice or other drinks in a reusable and
  • resealable bottle, filled at home from a bulk container
  •  Yoghurt in a small reusable container, filled at home from a bulk contain
  • ‘Trail mix’ in a reusable container
  • Whole fruits without packaging or fruit pieces in reusable containers
  • Raw or salad vegetables such as carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and celery

Reusable containers – Using reusable containers is the cornerstone of a waste-free lunch! Suitably sized containers will keep sandwiches intact and make little treats easy to pack. Although reusable containers may have a higher upfront cost than a roll of plastic wrap, they are durable, they will save you money in the longer term and they will help to reduce waste.

Buying in bulk – Buying items such as juice, yoghurt, crackers, biscuits and cheese in bulk quantities or containers, rather than in individual servings, will probably save you money as well as reduce waste. It also allows your child to drink or eat only as much as they want at one time, and then they can reseal the container.

Have a wonderful and joyous Easter and holiday.

Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal



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