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Just another reminder for next term.

Parking in Early Childhood Centre Carpark

Dear Parents. Parking is always at a premium around schools, especially at pick-up and drop-off points and times. We know and appreciate that many parents have gone to a lot of effort to make safe and considerate decisions in regards to parking in both the afternoon and morning.

It’s really important and vital for the safety of all of our community that parking areas are used correctly at all times. This area (photographed above) in the Junior Carpark is not a drop off point. There is Disabled Parking bays at both ends of this strip. Usually, both parents and children have to use the area behind the car when stationery in the disabled bays to stand and unload children and equipment.

There also appears to be a bank up of vehicles behind the red car. This bank-up blocks other users, doing the correct thing, from passing by. 

The Loop off Annie Street is purpose built for drop off in the morning. If your child is old enough to get out of the car and walk to their class independently, they are old enough to be dropped off at the Loop in the morning and walk up from there. It’s safe and convenient for everyone. There are also designated parking areas.

Our early Childhood Centre Carpark is there exclusively for parents/carers of children attending the Early Childhood Centre, Pre Kindy to Pre-Primary children.

Could you please stop using this area to park/stop in.

Thank you for your continued support.

Andrew and Brian


McTavish House​

“Truth and Honesty”​

McTavish is named after John McTavish who was the first lay principal of Christ the King.  The term lay means John McTavish was the first non religious Principal.  This is how the McTavish House received its name.  John McTavish was Principal from January 1975 – 1992 at Christ the King School where it was first located on the hill next to Christ the King Church.

John McTavish was a lovely patient man who was willing to give up his time to anyone who needed him.  John McTavish also opened the Pre-Primary Centre in 1977 he bought a house, on the hill next to the school, which transformed into a Pre-Language Centre.  The Pre Language centre was aimed at students who came from other countries and could not speak English by the time they went to school.​​

The McTavish House is coloured blue as it represents the Scottish colours as John McTavish was of Scottish heritage.  This is shown on our Scottish flags today.  Our House’s virtue is that of truth and honesty.  By being honest we show our respect for other people and live out Christ’s law of love.  God knows all things and while we can deceive others, we can never deceive God.  We can show truth and honesty by bringing the love of Christ to others.​


Thanks for The Water Play

Kindy Water play. It wonderful to watch the children playing in the water in our ECE Playground. Thanks again to Nahla and Matilda’s (Kindy) Fathers for fixing the pump up over the last holidays. Even the bigger kids are getting into the fun.



Thanks to all of the children for collecting eggs again this term. Classes are rostered onto collecting the eggs at least once per semester. Our new chickens, plus a few extras donated, have been producing plenty of eggs. If you would like to purchase/order, please ask at the office. $3.00 per dozen. Money collected goes towards purchasing feed, hay and other related items. Get in quick or place an order.

We’ve had frequent escapes during the past weeks. Thank you for your patience and assistance in recapturing ‘escapees. They have all had a ‘clip’ this week, so here’s hoping?  


Whole School Celebrations for Term 3.

August 15. Cyber Bully and Yong Mary Incursion.

August 17. Assumption Mass- Christ the King Church 9.30 am.

August 24. Book Week Parade. Start time to be confirmed.

August 31 Open Night. Details to be confirmed.

Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal


Community News


Private Music Tuition from Term Three

“Jenelle Russo Studio will now be offering private singing lessons at Christ the King from Term 3. Please contact for enrolment information”


“Don’t miss out on the Bricks 4 Kidz Lego building sessions starting again in Term 3. It will be all about Dinosaurs! Moving, roaring and chomping their way to your library starting in Week 2 every Tuesday at 3:15pm. Sessions available are Jurassic Brick Land for 5+ year olds ($132 per term), Jurassic Brick Land with Junior Robotics for 7+ ($178 per term) and Advanced Robotics for 9+ ($207 per term). Click here for more info and bookings,

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