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Cross Country

Congratulations to Donovan House for being the overall winners on the day. It was wonderful to see the children participating at a competitive but friendly level and demonstrating great resilience during the races and dealing with the weather at times. Really, all the students were winners on the day. 

Patrice and Jamie- Donovan House Leaders accepting the Shield.


Donovan House is named after Father Edward Donovan. Father Donovan was appointed as Parish Priest of Christ the King Church in 1969, ​soon after the construction of the new brick and tile school that was commissioned to replace the old weatherboard building. ​He remained as parish priest of Christ the King Church until his Golden Jubilee in 1994. He was an SMA (Society of African Missions) priest from Ireland.

​The green of Donovan House represents the link to Ireland the beloved homeland of Father Donovan. ​

Father Donovan had a long-standing relationship with the church and school community and was also an integral part of the community and pastoral life of the school.

The motto of Donovan House is; ​ Strong in Heart Mind and Body.

More Facts.

You may have noticed two new Recycle Stations set up in the two passageways entering the Quad from the York Street end of the school and the Kindy/Pre Primary car park.

Our Year 6 Green Team have been working together to create both stations which should be up and running as of next Monday.

Red Bin- Batteries (used or unused).

Green Bin- Bottle lids and bread clips/bags.

Blue Bin- Containers For Change student collection.

Nespresso Boxes- Coffee capsules.

Yellow Bin- Light globes.

Nude Food Days 

Our students have a Nude Food Day every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY during term (and most try to have a Nude Food Lunch Box every day).

Nude Food Days encourage our students and school community to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or packaging.

The purpose of the Waste-Free Lunch is to:

  • Help students and their parents understand the benefits of a waste-free lunch and to be more aware of over-packaging in food
  • Encourage students and their parents to meet the challenge of a waste-free lunch day or week
  • Minimise waste from lunches at your school.

On Nude Food Days we ask that all student lunch boxes contain no throwaway packaging and produce no food waste.



Make a note of what single-use plastic items are currently in use, and develop a list of viable alternatives. The main culprits will usually be straws, cutlery, food containers, and water bottles, but look carefully, because there may be others!

Remember to always bring your own;

  • water bottle
  • container
  • straw
  • cutlery
  • handkerchief or washable napkin
  • coffee or slushie cup
  • carry bag

  • 8:50am- Year 69:40am PPG and Year 5
  • 10:50am Year 3 and PPR
  • 11:40am Year 1 and Year 2G
  • 1:20pm Year 4

Have a great remainder of the week

Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal

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