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Christ the King
Celebrating the Charism of McTavish

MCTAVISH                     BLUE                              TRUTH

Let truth and thoughtfulness be our guide.

McTavish is named after Mr. John McTavish. He was the first lay principal of Christ the King School and was appointed in 1975.  Mr. McTavish was of Scottish heritage and the colour blue represents this heritage. Under his guidance a pre-primary and Intensive Language Centre was established and the school grew to become the double stream school it is today.

The Charisma of McTavish House is TRUTH which is The integrity and sincerity with which Mr. McTavish took on the role of principal of Christ the King School and continued to carry on the work of the religious orders that founded our school.

The symbol on the McTavish Banner is the cross and a book symbolising the religious and  the educational contribution to our school by Mr. McTavish.  The motto of McTavish house is;

Let truth and thoughtfulness be our guide.

Year 4 Sacrament of Eucharist Parent Information Workshops

Dear Parents and Carers, Your Parent Workshop is coming up for Thursday 23 June.

Two workshops, Year 4 Red at 4.30 pm and Year 4 Gold at 6.00 pm, will be held in the school hall.

School Photos

Photo Hendriks have scheduled our photos in for Monday 13 June and Tuesday 14 June.  All students from 3 Yo Kindy to Year 6 will be involved. As in previous correspondence, photos have changed to a Composite template for 2022. In addition to this – Photo Hendriks offer sibling photos to your school community.

The online registration for sibling photos (that we have used in the past) will allow photo Hendriks to:

  • Print personalised ordering documents for those interested families.
  • Helps to speed up the process as parents/students do not need to fill out on the day.
  • Creates a tracking form for us to check off and chase up any missed families.
  • Parents do not pay – it is a registration of interest.

Photo Hendriks have requested that if parents would like to bring their children in before school times, that they do not enter the Hall. Drop off only. School staff members will be watching over the children in line.

Green Team and our Recycling Stations

How It Works

When you recycle with Containers for Change, you get a 10 cent refund for every eligible container you return.

Your contribution will be giving the P&F extra income which in turn’ is used to purchase resources for your children.

Making change is easy. It all starts with you. Collect your eligible containers instead of tossing them in the waste, then drop them off at our Recycle Stations in the Blue Boxes.

Nude Food Days

Our students have a Nude Food Day every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY during term (and most try to have a Nude Food Lunch Box every day).

Nude Food Days encourage our students and school community to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or packaging. The purpose of the Waste-Free Lunch is to:

  • Help students and their parents understand the benefits of a waste-free lunch and to be more aware of over-packaging in food
  • Encourage students and their parents to meet the challenge of a waste-free lunch day or week
  • Minimise waste from lunches at your school.

On Nude Food Days we ask that all student lunch boxes contain no throwaway packaging and produce no food waste.

Tips for Waste-Free Lunches

Waste-free lunches contain only items that are eaten, composted or recycled. They don’t contain wrappers or packaging that will be thrown in the rubbish bin.

Example of lunch items with waste:

  • Sandwich in disposable cling wrap or plastic sandwich bag 
  • Chips or pretzels in a plastic/foil packet
  • Juice in a squeeze pouch with a plastic straw. Food items wrapped in Alfoil     
  • Yoghurt in squeeze pouches or plastic ‘shot’ bottles
  • Individually wrapped muesli bars
  • Pre-packaged fruit salad in a small plastic tub
  • Pre-packaged ‘snack pack’ of crackers and cheese spread

Examples of lunch items that are waste-free:

  • Sandwich in a snug-fitting reusable container
  • Snacks in a reusable container
  •  Water, juice or other drinks in a reusable and
  • resealable bottle, filled at home from a bulk container
  •  Yoghurt in a small reusable container, filled at home from a bulk contain.

For Sale

Liquid leachate is a concentrated form of plant nutrients obtained from a worm farm. Use as a foliar spray, in fertigation systems, or pour around plants, neat or diluted. (50:1)


  • Plant stimulant
  • Excellent Source of growth nutrients
  • Healthier disease-free plants
  • Microbe rich
  • Neutral pH
  • Has no smell!

Pick Up from the Recycle Stations for $2.00 per bottle- Please leave your money in the container.

Friends of Clontarf Hill Annual Planting Days – 4th and 5th June

Roll up your sleeves, put on your hats and gardening gloves and come and join us for our annual Clontarf Hill community planting days. 

Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June, 2022

Meet at the gates on the Gordon Rd side of the hill from 9.30am

We have loads of plants so bring your friends too and morning tea will be offered on both days.
It’s also a great chance to meet the other people in the FoCH community.

Please bring gloves, a hat, enclosed shoes and your friendly  smiles.  

Look forward to seeing you all there.

FoCH Committee

Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal


P&F News

The members of the P&F were excited to be able to meet in person again last week. We would like to welcome any parents to join us at the next meeting, Wednesday June 15th, 7.30pm, in the school hall. 

On Election Day, we held a sausage sizzle and cake stall, this raised $1499. A very big thankyou to P&F members Anna and Kristina along with her husband Dennis for their efforts organising the event, also their hard work on the day, and of course to everyone else who donated baked goods or their time on the day. 

We have the Wise Wine fund-raiser running until July 1st, buy yourself some wine or spirits while supporting our school. 

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