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Welcome to Week 5!

As we are almost halfway through the term, it is evident that our staff are working extremely hard to ensure the best teaching and learning is taking place at Christ the King School, for the students in our care! We are very mindful of the importance of continuing our teaching programs ensuring any interruptions are minimal and don’t significantly impact on the learning of our students. We want the very best for all students and are very keen to work with you, ensuring all children have the opportunity to work to their full potential.


Term Dates

Please make sure you have made note of the dates and special events occurring this term. There is a Public Holiday on Monday 3rd June, 2024 (Week 8). We conclude Term 2 on Friday 28th June, 2024 (Week 11).



With the cold and flu season upon us, we greatly appreciate parents/carers keeping their children home when they are unwell. With our staff also succumbing to various viruses, it would be appreciated if parents could email or phone the school office before 9am, in order to notify staff of their child’s absence from school. Please do not wait for a message from the school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.



Regular attendance is essential for all students to make progress over time. If your child is absent from school for long periods of time, your child is at risk of not reaching their full potential, as significant gaps will start to appear in their learning. Obviously, absences cannot be avoided if a student falls ill, however, we do kindly ask all parents and carers to consider the ramifications of frequent absences, or those absences associated with long periods of time.



Staff have noticed that there are several students arriving late to school. Being punctual is an important attribute that we all require through life. We do acknowledge that some students have appointments at the beginning of the day and of course this is quite acceptable. However, it is vital that parents and carers make every effort to get your child to school at 8.30am – 8.40am. Our classroom doors open at 8.30am.

We do understand that families are very busy and that it can be very difficult to get some children organised for school. However, being late to school results in the following:

  • Students think that it is okay to be late. This has implications for high school.
  • Students miss out on the morning routine of their classroom with their teacher and peers.
  • Teachers have to repeat their instructions as late students wander in.
  • The learning program of other students is interrupted.
  • Some students are very anxious about being late which impacts on their ability to learn.
  • Students do not have enough time to organise themselves for the school day.

The implications for your child are significant when they are late to school.


We do appreciate your support with this matter.


Pick Up Time of Students

We are having an increasing number of students who are not being picked up at 2.45pm (Kindy and Pre-Kindy) and 3pm (Years PP – 6) at the end of the school day. This places our teachers and office staff in the difficult position of having to supervise students, contact parents as well as carry out their daily duties. We kindly ask that you make appropriate arrangements if you are going to be late in picking up your child. This includes organising for someone else to pick up your child or have them access Smiley’s Out of School Care. We also ask that you provide the office staff with sufficient notice when needing to leave a message for your child. Calling the office at 3pm does not give us any chance to get to your child’s class to deliver a message in time. We thank you for your continued support.


School Photos & School Uniform Reminders

As communicated via SEQTA during the week, School Photos will take place on Monday 20 May 2024 (Week 6) with our Pre-Primary & Pre-Kindy students on Friday 26 May 2024. Family photos are scheduled for 8.15am in the school hall on both dates. To order the school photos including family photos, you will need to order ONLINE at, then click on ‘order your school photos’ and then enter your access key – YHQZ9UPG. If you would like to order family photos, this must be completed by 4.30pm this Sunday 19 May, 2024.



Kindergarten and Pre-Kindy students need to wear their Early Childhood T-shirt for their school photos. Students in Year 1 – 6 must wear their formal winter uniform and our Pre-Primary students need to wear their sports uniform (house t-shirt). Summer dresses are not permitted in Term 2 and 3.

Girls – uniform includes formal tartan skirt and white shirt, with a soft shell maroon jacket (not needed for school photos). Black tights or white plain ankle socks to be worn with black formal shoes.

Boys – uniform includes formal grey shorts or grey long trousers and white shirt, with a soft shell maroon jacket (not needed for school photos). White plain ankle socks to be worn with formal black shoes. As part of the formal uniform in Years 1 to 6, students need to wear black leather/leather look school shoes, as per this image.

**Black sneakers or cross trainers are not permitted with the formal school uniform.

Hair should be tied back neatly with the correct school colour ties and hair out of the face.

Please Note: We are starting to see the cooler mornings come in and over the next few weeks it will get colder, as we move into Winter. This is a great time to ensure that you have your child’s name written on their school uniform. It is very difficult to find the owners of these items without a name on them.


Staff Profile

Our fabulous Year 6 leaders, Dominque and Christian, will be interviewing our staff throughout the year so that we all can get to know each other well.

This week they interviewed Mrs Barrett. Find out more about Mrs Barrett below:

Do you have pets and if so, what are their names?
I don’t have any pets but at my old school I had convinced my students that I had a pet Walrus named ‘Andy’ who lived in my mum and dad’s pool!

What’s your favourite colour?
Green and Blue

What’s your favourite part about working about CtK?
I enjoy having one last year of tricks in Year Six.

What are your favourite hobbies?
I used to play Netball and Volleyball, I like being with my friends and family, as well as being at the beach, and I can be little bit arty.

What’s your favourite food?
I love all food, especially when it is gluten free, but I really like pasta, especially my Nonna’s.

What sports do you follow, if so, what team do you support?
AFL and the Dockers.

What’s your favourite movie?
I am very indecisive, but I really like funny movies.


Dogs on School Grounds

A gentle reminder that dogs aren’t permitted within our school grounds. Thank you for your co-operation.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge starts SOON!

What is this?
This challenge is for students to read 12 books or more during the challenge.

Who can take part?
Students from Kindy to Year 10.

When does it start?
It’s started! It runs from 6 May to 6 September, 2024.

How do I enter?
Parents can register their child/children online.

There is something for every student. From historical novels to graphic novels, comics, newspapers, song lyrics to poems, all of these count towards their Reading Challenge totals.

Students can win fantastic prizes so register today!

Mrs. Sabrina Reardon
Assistant Principal


P&F News

A BIG thank you to the incredible volunteers and the Fathering Project for helping us out at the Mother’s Day Stalls and Mother’s Day events this year. We know a lot of planning and thought goes into days like these and we truly appreciate all of your hard work and support. The special women of our CTK community enjoyed a Tea-rrific High Tea where they were able to come together, have a bite to eat and feel appreciated for all that they so selflessly do. It was great to hear so many of you got a chance to relax and reconnect and thank you for all of the wonderful feedback you provided. We hope you enjoyed lovely hand massages with your hand creams, a cuppa made with love from your coupon and have a beautiful Mother’s Day photo with your little ones to treasure for many years to come!

This week the CTK Coin War has started each morning in the library and its so great to see so many excited children coming in! Don’t forget to save all of your coins and bring them in between 8am-8:30am to help your class earn their own class party. The flyer went home with your children last week, which explain the game rules and have all of the coin values to help set their class up for success.

The P&F are looking for people to join our Paint & Sip Committee and start brainstorming ideas for the event being held in Term 3. This one will be a lot of fun and we would love to have your input. If you are interested, join up by scanning the QR code on the flyer below or by popping onto our P&F Social hub.



Have a fantastic week!

P&F Chair


Bangers and Bingo

Starts: 24 May 2024, 5:30 pm
Ends: 24 May 2024, 7:30 pm
Location: Christ the King Beaconsfield School Hall, 87 York St, Beaconsfield, WA 6162
Event type: Engagement Dads and Kids Activity

Dads, Father-figures & Carers

As a father or father-figure, you are really important to your kids, and they need you to be present and actively engaged in their lives.

Our next Fathering Project event at Christ the King Primary is planned for Monday 24th May 2024. (5:30 to 7:30pm).

Bring your kids along and enjoy an evening of eating bangers, playing bingo, and connecting with other fathers.

Sausage sizzle, juice and water will be provided at $5 per head.

Please reach out if you can help prepare and serve food on the night.

RSVP by Monday, 20th May 2024. 

Community News


Private Singing Lessons

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