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Welcome to Week 7!



A gentle reminder that with the cold and flu season upon us, we greatly appreciate parents keeping their children home when they are unwell. It would be appreciated if parents could email or phone the school office before 9am, in order to notify staff of their child’s absence from school. Please do not wait for a message from the school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.


Student Uniform Vigilance:

The Christ the King school uniform is a symbol of our school and helps our students develop a sense of belonging within our school community. Wearing the uniform correctly and being well-presented encourages a sense of pride in appearance and what the uniform represents – our school community. It is timely to remind all students to continue to wear the correct uniform, on the correct day and to wear it with pride. Please ensure items are labelled correctly so that they can be easily returned, in case they are misplaced.


Report Time is Approaching!

The Mid-Year Reports for students will be available for parents on SEQTA Engage at the end of Term Two. Could you please check your login details NOW to ensure that you have access prior to the reports being released in Week 11.

New families from Year 1 to Year 6 and all Pre-Primary families will receive a welcome email next week directing you to set up your account for SEQTA Engage. Both parents will be sent the email, however, if you are happy to operate just one login for both parents, you don’t need to set up the second one. If you can’t see the email in your Inbox, please check your Junk or Spam folders as sometimes these emails will appear there as they are sent in bulk. Please contact if you have any concerns.

Reports for 2024 – Understanding Your Child’s Report for PP – Year 6

Parents will receive 2 Formal Academic Reports this year:

July – Mid Year Report:

This report provides parents with a ‘snapshot in time’ of how their child is progressing in relation to the end-of-year achievement standard for each learning area for their year level. The grade provided is taking into account the curriculum which has been taught and assessed to that point in time.

December – End of Year Report:

This report provides parents with an overview of how their child has progressed, across the entire year, in relation to the end of year Achievement Standard for each learning area for their year level. The grade provided is taking into account the curriculum which has been taught and assessed across the entire year, not just Semester Two.

Understanding the Grading System 

Is a ‘C’ grade good? Yes, you should celebrate ‘C’ grades as this indicates that your child has progressed to the desired level of understanding for his/her year level.

Is a ‘C’ grade just a pass like it used to be? No, a ‘C’ grade today, is the expected Achievement Standard for each year level and each Learning Area.

Does an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade mean my child is working a year or two above their current grade? No, an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade means that your child is responding to the content taught to a deeper level. They may be thinking more critically about the content, which is a wonderful skill to demonstrate.

How are final grades determined? Teachers collect numerous samples of work and assessments to determine the final grade. The grade is determined with the use of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s (SCSA) Judging Standards. For more information on this go to

We hope this information assists you to understand the reporting process at Christ the King. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


Online Lunch Orders:

A reminder that Locavora offers 3 days of lunch delivery to our school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays using the School Lunch Orders Online platform:


Staff Profile:

Our fabulous Year 6 leaders, Dominque and Christian, will be interviewing our staff throughout the year so that we all can get to know each other well. This week they interviewed Mrs Gumina. Find out more about Mrs Gumina below:

What’s your favourite colour:
Navy blue

What’s your favourite food:
Italian food, pastas, gnocchi, biscuits, and especially my home made tomato sauce where my whole family get involved to help make the sauce

What’s your favourite part about CtK:
The staff and the students

What sports do you follow:
I’m an Eagles supporter and I’m also a dance mum

Favourite animal:

Where do you like to go to get away from things:
I just love being around my family, we cook together, and we pass on our traditions with our children

If you had a million dollars what would you buy?
I would set up my children, and make sure they have a good life

What do you value most:
My family


Reading underpins everything we do!

Please see below for a reminder of how to register:

We are very excited to be a part of The Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2024. The challenge is open to all students from K – Year 6.

All you need to do to be in the running for weekly prizes is to register at; or simply click on the QR code in the image here or on the special bookmark each child has received from their class teacher and get reading! Once you read something make sure you log the book, magazine, graphic novel etc in your account and you’re in the draw! The Challenge goes for 18 weeks until 6 September, 2024.


Wishing you a wonderful long weekend!

Mrs. Sabrina Reardon
Assistant Principal


Introducing our new School Nurse:

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea, and I am very excited and honoured to be CTK’s first school nurse.

I have been living in Australia for the past 9 years and am originally from beautiful Ireland.

I am a Registered Intellectual Disability Nurse and since coming to Perth – I have worked both in the community and residential settings with both children and adults. For the past 6 years I worked with Therapy Focus as a Continence Clinician – helping many children, teenagers and adults with their toileting needs and goals– so please don’t be shy in coming to me for a chat – the toileting department is one of my favourite things to talk about J

My hope and vision for CTK is to set up and bring a Wellness centre that is both welcoming and relaxing for any child feeling unwell or just quite simply needing a little mental health break from all the chaos of day to day life. I hope that this Wellness centre provides you as parents a feeling of reassurance that your child is being well cared for until such a time that they are at home.

I am big into sports – my current focuses over the past few years have been participating in Triathlon – as well as managing/coaching my local Camogie Team (for those that don’t know the sport – it is an Irish sport also known as Hurling). Finally, the last thing to know about me is I have a beautiful little French Bulldog named Henry. I adopted Henry 3 years ago after he had corrective surgery on his cleft palate. Hopefully, at some point you and your children will also get to meet Henry as he has been known to join me at work in the past and I have no doubt Henry would love to meet all of the beautiful children of Christ the King.

Andrea Mangan
School Nurse


Messages from the P&F Chair – Mrs Suraya Correia

This Friday 31st June we will be holding our first P&F Day meeting from 9-10am in the library. We would love to see new faces and encourage you to come along and have a chat. It will be an informal meeting and it will give everyone who cannot attend the night meetings an opportunity to share their ideas. We hope to see you there!

The Doughnut Day stall will be held next Thursday 6th June at lunchtime to help CTK celebrate National Doughnut Day. A menu will be sent out at the end of the week with pricing and flavours available to purchase on the day. We have catered for children with dietary restrictions so there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The annual Golden Ravioli fundraiser is happening again! Visit the P&F hub to see the delicious menu for online orders or grab a hard copy order form from the office for cash payments. Orders close Friday 14th June. Pick up will be Thursday 20th June 2:30-3:15pm from the school canteen.

Our last P&F night meeting for Term 2 will be held on Wednesday 12th June at a new time of 7-8pm in the library. We welcome all parents to attend and help to start planning Term 3 events. If you would like to help volunteer and be a part of upcoming fundraisers, please jump onto the P&F Hub and sign up via the volunteer link.

P&F Chair


Community News


Private Singing Lessons

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