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Welcome to Week 11!


Reflecting on Term Two at Christ the King School:

As we look back on the eventful second term at our school, it’s clear that we’ve once again experienced numerous enriching opportunities together. It’s essential to recognise and celebrate these achievements as a unified school community.

We commenced our term with a P&F Derby Dress Up in Colours day, Anzac Day service in the quadrangle, observed significant Sacraments, honoured our Mothers with a delightful morning, engaged in various excursions and incursions, Kindy speech screenings, Vision screenings, many P&F events, Year 6 Masterchef, participated in cross-country carnivals and school photos, celebrated Wellbeing Week, enjoyed activities like Running club, Lego club and Basketball clinics, attended assemblies and Liturgical Singing, joined in National Simultaneous Story Time, gathered for our Milne House Prayer Liturgy and engaged in high-quality learning programs across all our classes! There’s so much happening at our exceptional school that fills us with immense pride and joy!


Student Wellbeing:

We appreciate the parents and carers who have chosen to keep their children at home when they are unwell, as this helps minimize the spread of various viruses and COVID within our school community. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!


Punctuality and Achievement:

Please continue to ensure your child arrives promptly at school and is in the classroom, prepared for learning by 8:40am. Classroom doors open at 8:30am. Arriving late does not provide adequate time for students to prepare for the school day. Students arriving after 8:40am may miss crucial instructions, important announcements, and key concepts taught during morning activities. Consistently being on time contributes to a productive classroom environment and is associated with academic success.


Home and School Partnerships:

Collaboration between home and school is key to achieving optimal outcomes for our students. Effective communication is essential for fostering a strong partnership. It is the responsibility of both staff and students to ensure this communication is maintained. Showing respect for our teachers as professionals is fundamental in cultivating positive home-school relationships. Both school staff and parents share the common goal of ensuring students are happy, safe, and thriving in their school environment. By working together, we can establish a supportive atmosphere where every student has the opportunity to succeed. Our teachers and education assistants receive ongoing training in current educational best practices. Additionally, teaching is widely acknowledged as a demanding profession, and supporting educators is crucial as they navigate the complexities of educating children daily.


Mid-Term Reports:

You can now access and download your child’s report on SEQTA Engage. Various formal and informal assessment methods, such as tests, work samples, teacher observations, interviews, projects, and assignments aligned with Curriculum Standards, have been used to evaluate your child’s progress. Please take the time to review the report thoroughly.

As you go through your child’s report, it’s important to recognise their overall development, including academic performance, effort, attitude, as well as personal and social skills. We encourage you to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and commend their dedication, perseverance, and growth. You may also consider setting realistic growth goals for the next semester together, breaking them down into achievable steps to celebrate milestones along the way and maintain motivation.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration in your child’s educational journey. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated teaching staff for their hard work in compiling these Mid-Term Reports. Our teachers invest significant time and effort in analysing assessment data, assigning grades, and crafting comments that accurately reflect student progress and attributes.


The 2024 Religious Education Assessment (REA):

The Religious Education Assessment (REA) for 2024 involves students in Years 3, 5, and 9 attending Catholic schools in Western Australia. This system-wide online assessment occurs during Weeks 2 and 3 of Term 3. Its purpose is to evaluate students’ grasp of the Religious Education Curriculum. Test materials tailored for each year level are prepared by the Religious Education Directorate at the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia, encompassing multiple-choice, short answer, and extended response questions. Comprehensive student reports are generated and distributed in Term Four, complementing school-based Religious Education assessments. This assessment provides educators and administrators with a timely overview of student performance in Religious Education.

Parents and guardians of students in Year 3 and Year 5 have been notified about the upcoming assessment. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this assessment, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Edu Dance classes & Boogie Woogie at CtK:

Next term, Edu Dance classes will begin for students in Year 2 to 6. Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Year 1, and our Learning Centre students will enjoy Boogie Woogie Dance classes. Boogie Woogie sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays for our students in Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, and the Learning Centre, while Year 1 will participate on Monday afternoons. Edu Dance classes will take place on Thursdays. Please ensure students wear their sports uniform on these days. We eagerly anticipate our students’ involvement in these exciting dance programs next term!


Get reading over the school holidays!

Encourage your child to dive into reading this school holidays! If your child needs an extra reason to pick up a book during the school break, consider the Premier’s Reading Challenge. If they haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! They have until September to read eight books – there’s a wide variety of reading materials included, so if novels aren’t their preference, they have alternatives to explore. Exciting grand prizes and weekly rewards await! Enjoy the journey of reading!


Staff Profile:

Our fabulous Year 6 leaders, Dominque and Christian, will be interviewing our staff throughout the year so that we all can get to know each other well. This week they interviewed Miss Lomma. Find out more about Miss Lomma below:

What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is purple for the Dockers

What’s your favourite food?
My Nonna’s pasta, ravioli specifically.

What’s your favourite part about CtK?
I love that we are a very inclusive school

What sports do you follow?
AFL, the Dockers

What’s your favourite animal?
Big dogs

Where do you like to get away from things?
The beach at sunset

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?
I would buy a house!

What do you value most?
I value honesty and kindness


Student Spotlight:

Alisha Parkin – Year 6 student

For a recent drawing competition, I had to draw a picture that had to be of an iconic location but fantasy and imaginative. I chose to use the Fremantle Harbour and I was one of the seven people that won so now my drawing is going to be built into Lego and will be at the Freo Lego trail with 7 other Lego builds. People can vote for their favourite and whichever one gets the most votes will win the Ultimate Kids’ Excursion to Fremantle for their whole class!!!

People who vote will also be in the running for great prizes. Free tickets are required for children wishing to complete the trail. These can be booked on the Visit Fremantle Freo Builds website. Adults can accompany children without any need for tickets.

Location – Fremantle, WA

When – Monday 1st July 2024, 10 am – Sun 7th July 2024


Just a gentle reminder that Term Three begins for our students on Tuesday, 16 July, 2024. Monday, 15 July, will be a Staff Development Day, during which our staff will engage in a Berry Street Professional Learning Day at our school alongside two other Catholic Primary Schools.


Please take note of the following Pupil Free Days for 2024:

Term 3

  • Monday, 15 July
  • Friday, 20 September

Term 4

  • Monday, 7 October
  • Friday, 8 November


The winter holiday offers a wonderful chance to unwind and rejuvenate. It’s an ideal period to recharge, celebrate our successes, and prepare for the upcoming semester. Use this time to relax, spend quality moments with family and friends, and indulge in activities that bring happiness and renewal. A rested mind and spirit are crucial for personal development and shared success.

As we look ahead to the new semester, let’s uphold our commitment to maintain our school’s warm and inclusive environment for everyone.

Warm wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday break with family and friends!

Mrs. Sabrina Reardon
Assistant Principal

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