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From the Principal – Term 1, Week 2

A prayer for 2022
Lord our God, in your wisdom and love you surround us with the mysteries of the universe.
Send your spirit upon our students, staff and families and fill them with your wisdom and blessings.
Grant that our students may devote themselves to their studies to experiencing the joys of play,
and that they draw ever closer to you, the source of all knowledge.
Let this be a year of learning. Open young hearts to new wonders.
Encourage parents to let children dream big dreams.
To play often and to find the truth. We pray that students play and find joy in each day.
Let them make life-long friends. Give parents extra energy to support their children.
Help the community find ways to support families. Lord God, your spirit of wisdom fills the earth teaching us your ways.
Look upon our staff. Let them strive to share their knowledge with gentle patience and endeavour always to bring the truth to eager minds.
And when their burden is great, grant them strength,
Grant that we may follow Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life, forever and ever.



Dear Parents and Guardians,

GREETINGS: Welcome to the 2022 school year. Seeing the smiling faces of families getting into the swing of school over the past two weeks has been fabulous. We are delighted to welcome our new families and are very happy that you have joined our community. I thank all families in advance for supporting the school uniform policy. Our core values of Inclusiveness, Engaged, Challenged and Individual will be reflected in the way our students present themselves for learning. This important life skill requires both the home and school working together.

Our classrooms look good and ready for learning. I thank our teachers and support staff for investing a lot of time in getting them to look welcoming and be truly functional. I also congratulate families on being organised and ready for action this term.

NEW STAFF AND FAMILIES: In a special way, I would like to welcome all those who are new to the family of Christ the King School.  My prayer and hope for you is that your association with the school will be long and lasting, and one filled with many memorable memories. May your settling in be a gentle one.

Along with new families, we also have new faces who have joined our staff for 2022. We welcome:

Mrs Domenica Carrello

Miss Clare Stott

As Domenica and Clare begin their time at Christ the King School, I have no doubt that you will join with me in making their transition into the school community as smooth and as welcoming as possible. I am sure that before long, they will also come to experience something of the warmth and school spirit, which is unique to CtK. We also welcome back Mrs Rose Gumina, Mrs Tonina Cammarano, Mrs Franca Pasquarelli and Mr Damian Geaney after having had extended time away from our school in the second half of 2021.

UNIFORMS: Congratulations to all the children who were in full school summer uniform. Our children certainly represent our school with pride, in the way they wear their uniform.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS: It was a wonderful sight to come back to school and see the scope of work that had been going on whilst most of us were taking a break. Installation of a new toilet near Year One, positive words and colour added to our stairs, servicing of air conditioners and gardening maintenance was completed to ensure we were ready for our start to the school year. Other opportunities for school improvement will be discussed at the upcoming Advisory Council and P&F meetings.

SCIENCE SPECIALIST TEACHER: After having many conversations with staff, I learned Mrs Deirdre Hughes is an avid scientist having studied science at university. This led me to ask if she would like to be our school Science specialist teacher and also support this with digital technology. I am very happy to say, Mrs Hughes will now be teaching Science to all students from Pre Primary to Year Six along with Digital Technology. In the coming months, we will be looking to turn her classroom into a functional STEM Room for our students and provide upgrades to the digital technology room with a green screen and the addition of robotics. Exciting times for our students and staff!

WELL DONE TO OUR YEAR SIX STUDENTS who demonstrated great maturity, positivity and resilience to the unfortunate news that their camp had to be postponed. Students and staff were very much looking forward to this…. and I’m sure a few parents were too. Resilience is a key life skill. states:

“Children who are resilient can recover from setbacks and get back to living their lives more quickly. And when children overcome setbacks and problems, it builds their confidence and helps them feel more capable the next time a problem comes up.

Resilient children are often good at solving problems and learning new skills. This is because they’re more willing to try again even if things don’t go the way they want the first time.

And when things don’t go well and children feel anxious, sad, disappointed, afraid or frustrated, resilience helps them understand that these uncomfortable emotions usually don’t last forever. They can experience these emotions and know they’ll be OK before too long.

Resilient children are less likely to avoid problems or deal with them in unhealthy ways…”

It is pleasing to see our students demonstrating these qualities as student leaders of our school.

DON’T FORGET: Our fortnightly newsletter has very important information for our parents. This newsletter format will be temporary as we move the website and newsletter to a more functional format. Every class communicates via SeeSaw. Our school webpage will be undergoing significant changes soon as I wish to add a wealth of information including important dates, school events and notes.

As we enter a period of great uncertainty, it is important that we strive to be people of hope, and to row together. In the event of a Covid positive case in our community we will need to be agile in using the resources available to us to ensure our students at Christ the King continue to engage in a Catholic Education which is Christ-centred and Child-focused. Please know our school has a ^ Step Response Plan and an Online Learning Plan ready if and when it will be required. We are prepared and look forward to you ‘rowing’ with us, to make TRUE real at our school.


  • Watching the students greet each other every morning and then commence playing handball.
  • Walking through the classrooms in awe of all the rich learning that our teachers have spent many hours preparing.
  • Observing the care displayed from the staff to students and students to students.



Stay safe and keep smiling

Andrew Kelly

School News

Snapshot of This Week’s Learning


Early Childhood Playground

As many of you may have noticed, the ECE Playground has been refreshed with grass, plants and more white sand. Thank you to Mr Kelly for organising the white sand cleaning and refill and Mr Corcoran and Mr Salerno (parent) for their effort in concreting.

Our Fabulous P&F have supported this project and we thank them gratefully for their support.

It’s nice to see the students out playing in a rejuvenated area and having lots of fun.

There’s still a little bit to do to finish off so ‘somewhere into the future’, when it’s possible, a Busy Bee will be organised to get the ship and wooden poles refreshed with a bit of oil.  Watch this space!! 


Mr Kelly has also had his own Team come in over the holidays to freshen the gardens and grounds up. It was very nice to return to school seeing everything tidy and neatened up.

New Learning Centre Bathrooms

A huge ‘Thank you’ to Mr Salerno, who over the holiday period, worked with his team of tradies to renovate the Disability toilet by adding new cupboard spaces and for also creating a new toilet for children from the Learning centre to use. Mr Salerno converted an unused cupboard into a spacious new toilet space. This has greatly assisted the Learning centre staff and helped out the students. Once again, a sincere acknowledgment of our P&F who have also supported this project. We are always very grateful for your time and effort in supporting our school.

Library and Science News

As of this year, classes for Library have ceased. Classes will still be visiting the Library each week to select and take out books.

Science classes have commenced with Mrs Hughes starting lessons in the STEM Room, which used to be the old Art Room. All classes have Science lessons every week. The science lesson will be incorporating the use of Tinker Carts purchased last year, which contain a large number of hands-on resources for the children to use in science, technology engineering and mathematical activities.

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