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From the Principal – Term 4, Week 05

This Saturday is Remembrance Day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marks the moment the guns fell silent on the Western Front after the bloodshed of World War I in 1918. Over the past century, this moment has been adopted across the globe as a time to remember those who served and sacrificed in all wars and conflicts. This Remembrance Day, let us join the world in honouring those who’ve served and sacrificed. Throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, we remember all who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Let us help to keep their legacy alive by attending a service, reflecting in silence, wearing a poppy, or supporting our veteran community. Our Year Six Communications Team will lead us in a prayer service on Friday morning at 11am. LEST WE FORGET.

We have now passed halfway through Term 4 and students have demonstrated an excellent effort this year as a whole. It is important that we complete the year to the same high standard that has been set so far in regard to living our school values, using our manners, wearing uniform correctly and completing work with care and attention to detail. Students begin to tire at this stage of the year as the busyness of this period catches up with us. They will thrive if they are in a supportive environment where staff and families have similar expectations and a commitment to working as a team.

Our Annual Community Meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday 15 November from 6.00pm in the hall. This is an opportunity to hear reports on the progress of the school in the past twelve months and to spend time together celebrating a successful school year and strong, trusting and collaborative partnerships. All adult community members are invited and welcome to attend.

 National Recycling Week, established by Planet Ark in 1996, is held every year during the second week of November (13th to the 19th November 2023). This year, National Recycling Week explores the idea that What Goes Around Comes Around. Reducing our waste not only keeps valuable materials out of landfill it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

 Thinking about our waste provides some valuable insight into how the recycling and resource management industry works in conjunction to your efforts. During the week, we are encouraging our community to think about waste as a resource; reconsider how we buy, use and dispose of materials to keep them in circulation for as long as possible; and think about ways we can avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle for a better future.

 There are ‘good things’ happening in our school due to the efforts of so many people; seek to be one of those people in the coming week!


Andrew Kelly

Messages from the Assistant Principal

Mid-term reflection:

As we are now halfway through our final term, we reflect on the many wonderful opportunities our students have participated in at Christ The King School. Here are just some of the special events our students have taken part in this term:

  • participation and fundraising for Telethon 2023
  • attended exciting incursions and excursions
  • competed at interschool athletic carnivals and triathlons
  • leadership retreat day and overnight stay at school
  • extra co-curricular opportunities before and after school
  • interschool Spelling Bee competition and Numero competition
  • P&F School Disco!


We have so much to be proud of at Christ the King, and we thank our students for their eager participation and achievements this term. We also thank our dedicated staff for providing these opportunities for our students!


World Teachers’ Day:

On Friday 27 October our amazing staff were treated to a wonderful lunch to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. We thank our P&F for the delicious lunch held for the staff to celebrate this special day as well as the ‘warm fuzzies’ received by many students! THANK YOU!


Grandparents Mass & Morning Tea:

It was lovely to see so many Grandparents at our school last Wednesday. Grandparents have a unique way of connecting our students to the past, offering valuable life lessons and unforgettable stories. We thank all the grandparents who joined us, making our Grandparents Morning a truly memorable event that highlights the importance of family.

A very big thank you to Father Isidore for leading our whole school mass in the quadrangle. We thank our wonderful P&F who organised and set up a delicious morning tea, making the day very special. Thanks to our talented choir for singing beautifully throughout the morning and to the staff for supporting this special event.


Wellness Week:

This week, we celebrate Wellness Week! Activities are planned and offered for the children in order to support them in understanding the importance of prioritising their mental, emotional, and physical health in an age-appropriate way. Our whole school Wednesday workout morning in the quadrangle was a huge success and enjoyed by all students (and staff!). Thank you to our terrific staff wellness team for organising the week for our students and staff!



As previously mentioned, it would be appreciated if parents could email or phone the school office before 9am, in order to notify staff of their child’s absence from school. Please do not wait for a message from the school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.



Many school and community members are suffering from colds, flu, and/or COVID. Please keep your child home if they have any symptoms such as a sore throat, a high temperature, a running nose, or a cough. Parents will be asked to collect their children from school if they present at school with these symptoms.


Student Uniform Vigilance:

It is timely to remind all students to continue to wear the correct uniform on the correct day and to wear it with pride. Staff have noticed children are not wearing the correct uniform on the correct days, incorrect shoes and socks are being worn (some students are wearing black socks or socks with Nike/sporting logos on them etc), and hair ties or scrunchies should be the school colours or the colour of their hair. No claw clips, please. Socks should be school socks or plain white. Please ensure your child is not wearing dangly earrings to school – studs or sleepers are appropriate and safe. Hair below the shoulders should be tied back and out of one’s face. Students should look neat and tidy. Please ensure items are labelled correctly so that they can be easily returned in case they are misplaced. We thank you for your support.


Carols in the Quadrangle:


Date: Wednesday 29/11/23

Time: 6pm

Where: Christ the King Quadrangle

Once again this year, we will have our Carol’s in the Quadrangle. Please make sure you have the date free. There will be more information to follow over the next few weeks. We all look forward to seeing you at night.


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal:

Term Four is well and truly upon us and Christmas time is fast approaching. This is the time when we start collecting for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers. The St Vincent de Paul Society helps to provide hope, comfort, and dignity to families who require extra assistance during the festive season. Due to the nature of the season, Christmas can be a particularly emotional time of year where feelings of disappointment, failure, and isolation can be heightened. We hope you will help bring ’Christ into Christmas’ and generously donate non – non-perishable items to our appeal.

Last date to bring in your donations to your child’s classroom is:

Friday 1st December 2023

      Pre – Kindy Jam / Jelly Year 3 RED Life Long Custard
Kindy Girls

Bons Bons/

Candy Canes

Year 3 GOLD Life Long Milk
Kindy Boys Christmas Napkins/ Tablecloths Year 4 RED Tinned Fruit
Pre-Prim Girls Sweet Biscuits Year 4 GOLD Tinned Vegetables
Pre-Prim Boys Savoury Biscuits    
Year 1 RED Pancake Mix  / Cereals Year 5 RED Pasta Sauce
Year 1 GOLD Long Life Juice Year 5 Gold Pasta
Year 2 Christmas Cake/ Pudding / Fruit Mince Pies Year 6 Christmas Cake /Pudding /Fruit Mince Pies


Eye Vision Screening:

As the end of the school year draws near, your children will be spending more time at home, whether they be reading or spending more time on screens. Maintaining good eye health is essential to protecting your child’s vision and reducing the risk of eye-related issues. Here are our top 5 tips for keeping their peepers in optimal shape.

  1. Take regular breaks from screens or reading. Follow the 20/20/20 rule, which is taking breaks every 20 minutes and looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help to reduce eye strain.
  2. Proper reading distance: Follow the ‘elbow rule’. Ensure reading material is at elbow-to-wrist distance between their eyes and their reading material.
  3. Proper Lighting: Ensure that the lighting in your child’s study area is adequate and that there is no glare on screens or pages.
  4. Outdoor time: Spending 90 mins a day outdoors helps to avoid developing myopia (aka short-sightedness)
  5. Regular Eye Tests: Typically, children do not complain about vision issues, so it’s important to get routine annual eye examinations with a qualified paediatric optometrist.


If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s vision or would like to schedule an eye examination, you can contact the clinic at 9314 2206 or email

Vision Care Eye Centre Team.


Staff Profile:

Our Year 6 Head Girl and Head Boy, Ahlia and Maksim, will be interviewing our staff throughout the year so that we can all get to know each other well. This week, they interviewed Ms McLinden, our Physical Education Teacher. To find out more about Ms McLinden, please read below:


How long have you worked at Christ the King School?

Since 2003.

What is your favourite colour and why?

Pink, orange and black.

Do you follow sports? If so, what sports?

AFL, Carlton, Cricket, Athletics.

What is your favourite thing about Christ The King School?

The angelic children.

Did you have a pet as a child?

Yes – a few dogs, two cats.

Why did you decide to work at Christ the King School?

Because they had a Physical Education job open and I had just came from Melville Primary School.


Student Spotlight:

George Louison in Year 5, was helping with the Poppy Appeal at Gateway’s Shopping Centre on his Pupil Free Day! AMAZING job George! Well done!


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