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From the Principal – Term 2, Week 09


Dear Parents, Caregivers and Community Members,


This Sunday our Year Four students will celebrate their First Holy Communion – a very special day for children, their families and our whole school and parish community. As parents, our ongoing challenge is to help and support our children to ‘live out’ the Eucharist in their daily lives –experiencing being ‘bread’ for one another, through our kindness, our care, our love and forgiveness.

Congratulations to our Year Four students and families – we hope Mums and Dads will organise a day that is filled with much love and gratitude for all the good things your children have to enjoy – faith, family, friends, a healthy body, a safe home and so much more.

The Eucharist is the most powerful prayer in which a Christian can participate. Firstly: Union with Christ in the Eucharist enables a Christian to offer the day to day life to the Father in the most intimate way possible. Secondly: We are bonded more deeply in Christ and empowered to love one another as he loved us. Thirdly: “. . . Only say the word and I shall be healed,” allows the power of Jesus’ healing to flow into our hearts.

This threefold effort of revitalisation offers the Christian the opportunity to return to their community – home, neighbourhood, workplace – strengthened to rise above human failings and live joyfully, honestly and non-judgementally. It takes courage to maintain our day to day lives and the opportunity to share Jesus’ love can give us the strength and purpose to not simply exist, but to celebrate our lives.

The apostles at the Last Supper must have been startled when Jesus stood up to do his duty as host and say that blessing over the cup and the bread. Here, where new words spoken: “This is My Body which is given to you”, “This cup is God’s new covenant which is poured out for you.”

Here, was Jesus offering Himself and  telling his Apostles to “Do this in memory of me”. The Apostles might have been bewildered at the Last Supper, but they were full of purpose after Pentecost and took Jesus’ request to various parts of the world. The Eucharist is the centre of Christian heritage and should be cherished by Christians as the principle means to union with Christ.

Parents have the responsibility and privilege to hand on this heritage to their children. What better way to achieve this than to share the Eucharist with their children in union with other members of their Christian Community. As we watch our children receive Communion for the first time, we are thrilled by the beauty and simplicity of their belief in who it is they are receiving.

You give us your body and blood in the
Eucharist as a sign that even now
We share your life.
May we cherish the sacraments as the life
Source of our Christian heritage and
Ensure that it may become the life source
For our children.

All I Really Need to know about life, I learned from Noah’s Ark:

  1. Don’t miss the boat
  2. Don’t forget we’re all in the same boat
  3. Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark
  4. Stay fit – when you’re 600 years old someone might ask you to do something really big
  5. Don’t listen to critics, just get on with what has to be done
  6. For safety’s sake travel in pairs
  7. Two heads are better than one
  8. Build your future on high ground
  9. Speed isn’t always an advantage, after all, the snails were on the same ark with the cheetahs
  10. When you are stressed, float a while
  11. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs: the Titanic was built by professionals
  12. Remember that the woodpeckers inside are a larger threat than the storm outside


Congratulations to our Year 6 students and some of our Year 5 students who represented our school in the Modcrosse and LeagueTag Interschool Carnival last Friday. The Modcrosse and LeagueTag teams finished the day undefeated, winning both shields. A huge thank you to the coaches, Miss Kezic, Mrs McLinden and Mr Geaney for training and supporting the teams.


Did you Know?
• During his or her lifetime the average human will grow 949km of hair.
• Your foot and your forearm are the same length.
• Your smell is unique: your body odour is unique to you unless you have an identical twin.

There are ‘great things’ happening in our school due to the efforts of so many people; seek to be one of those people in the coming week!



Andrew Kelly

Messages from the Assistant Principal

Welcome to Week 7!


First Holy Communion

The Sacraments are central to our spiritual journey, guiding us in faith and unity. Please keep our Year 4 students in your thoughts and prayers as they will be celebrating their Sacrament of First Holy Communion this Sunday at 10am at Christ the King Church. We sincerely thank our dedicated Year 4 teachers, Mrs Tilzey and Miss Lomma for preparing the students so well for this very special occasion. We also thank our staff for supporting these students and teachers at this time!



As you are aware, there is a spike of various illnesses in the community as winter sets in and many sick children have been attending school. Please keep your children home if they are sick in order to reduce the spread of illness at school. Please also continue to remind your children to use safe hygiene routines such as regularly washing of hands.

It would be appreciated if parents could email or phone the school office before 9am, in order to notify staff of their child’s absence from school. Please do not wait for a message from the school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.


Report Time is Approaching!

The Mid-Year Reports for students will be available for parents on SEQTA Engage at the end of Term Two. Could you please check your login details NOW to ensure that you have access prior to the reports being released in Week 11.

New families from Year 1 to Year 6 and all Pre-Primary families have received a welcome email last week directing you to set up your account for SEQTA Engage. Both parents have been sent the email, however, if you are happy to operate just one login for both parents, you don’t need to set up the second one. If you have remembered your username but have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot your password? link and an immediate email will be sent to you. The email will expire within one hour, so please action this immediately. If you can’t see the email in your Inbox, please check your Junk or Spam folders as sometimes these emails will appear there as they are sent in bulk. Please contact if you have any concerns.


Leave of Absence Letter Reminder

As per the School Education Act 1999 “students are expected to attend school each day that it is open for instruction”. Any absence during these years may have a significant impact on student achievement. Where advanced notice of any extended absence, (four days or longer), the “Leave of Absence Form” is to be submitted. The form should be completed and submitted to the Principal at least one month prior to departure date (we acknowledge at times there may be extenuating circumstances). Please access the Extended Leave Form from the front office.


Staff Profile:

Our fabulous Year 6 leaders, Dominque and Christian, will be interviewing our staff throughout the year so that we all can get to know each other well. This week they interviewed Mrs Fernandes. Find out more about Mrs Fernandes below:

What’s your favourite colour?
Light blue

What’s your favourite food?
Eggplant salad

What’s your favourite part about CtK?
I love the community and the fact that we include everyone in our school community

What sports do you follow?
I sometimes watch cricket

What is your favourite animal?
I love dogs

Where do you like to go to get away from things?
I like to go for walks and sit in front of the river, as it calms my mind

If you had a million dollars what would you buy?
I would probably buy a house



Alisha Parkin (Year 6) has been placed into the finalists for the Freo Builds Lego drawing competition. Alisha will have her design built into Lego models to form the July Freo Builds Trail. If she wins, the Year 6 class will be able to go on an excursion. Students can go and vote for her on the holidays. Good luck Alisha! More details about the voting will follow shortly!


Dogs on School Grounds

A gentle reminder that dogs aren’t permitted within our school grounds. Thank you for your co-operation.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Sabrina Reardon
Assistant Principal



Messages from the P&F Chair – Mrs Suraya Correia

Come and Bop Til You Drop with your craziest hair at the Term 2 Disco! The amazing team from Bop Til You Drop will be running the disco’s and will be having fun dance competitions, games with prizes and taking song requests. A standard Entry Ticket OR a Ticket, Pizza and Drink combo are available to buy now on the P&F Hub. All tickets and pizza MUST be purchased online on the P&F hub by Wednesday 19th June. LED/Glowing novelties, lollies and extra drinks will be available to purchase with cash on the night (no pizza).


The last P&F meeting of term 2 was re-scheduled to next Wednesday 19th June at 7pm in the library. In this meeting we will be planning term 3 and we welcome all parents to attend.

P&F Chair


Community News


Private Singing Lessons

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