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Dear Parents and Guardians

As we journey through the last few days of Lent we might consider the message that Jesus gave and demonstrated to us which was ‘to consider others before Himself ’. The following prayer gives us a focus for doing this.

Dear Jesus, We know that when you entered the city of Jerusalem for the last time, you were hailed as a king. Later the people turned against you and forgot all that you had taught them. We remember all that you did for us. May we never turn away from you. We give praise and glory to your name, as the Redeemer of the world. Amen

What a wonderful, challenging yet exhausting term this has been! Well done to all our children who have strived to do the best they can in all areas of their development regardless of the obstacles they have had to face this term. I thank all the children for their hard work and commitment to learning by staying positive and I am really looking forward to continuing to support their journey next term.

Thank you in advance to the staff and parents for coming together on TEAMS or over the phone to discuss the learning journey this term. The conversations tomorrow need to centre around something positive, about expectations, and then where to next (goal setting) for your child’s learning for Term Two.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful staff for their outstanding work and commitment to our Christ the King family, and parents for their continual support of our school. We are all ready for a rest and a holiday, and I pray that the next two weeks will be a happy, peaceful and healthy time for everyone.

Thank you to the P&F and School Advisory Council for their hard work and for their commitment to our school’s vision, being a school that is strong in learning, community and fun. A special mention to the P&F for coordinating Pancake Tuesday, Harmony Day cupcakes and the Easter Raffle this term in such challenging circumstances, bravo ladies!

Thank you to the talented Year 6 students who were wonderfully led by Miss Kezic and Mr Albuquerque for presenting Stations of the Cross this morning. It was a lovely reverent reflection, bravo to everyone involved.

I remind all parents that Term One finishes today for the students as tomorrow will be our Parent Teacher Interviews. Term Two commences Wednesday, 27 April for students in Kindy-Year 6.

Staff Changes for Term Two

We welcome Mrs Sabrina Reardon who has been seconded from Our Lady of Fatima, Palmyra to become our second Year Two teacher. She is really looking forward to working with us as she is a very passionate, committed and exceptional educator.

I have made some changes to Pre Primary Red where Miss Jacynta Wake will be teaching the class full time while Mrs Sheree Anderson will be working in other areas of need within the school. I have also increased Education Assistant time in the Learning Support Centre and across Year One and both Year Two classes.


My staff and I sincerely appreciate the feedback we have received from parents as we touch base each week with our families in isolation. The constant message of being supported and children having access to their learning is encouraging for our team. 

Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN 2022

This term, parents of Year 3 and Year 5 students have received an information brochure on NAPLAN 2022. The tests are scheduled to begin on Tuesday 10 May and will take place during Week 3 and Week 4 of Term Two. Any questions about NAPLAN in addition to the information provided are to be directed to classroom teachers.

Winter Uniform

A reminder to all parents that next term all students are required to be in winter uniform. To assist parents and students in this transition, a two-week change-over period will be permitted. However, all students are required to be in full winter uniform by the commencement of Week 3. Please refer to the Uniform Policy on the school website for further information.

4 Year Old Kindergarten Enrolments 2023

Enrolments are now being taken for siblings and new students wishing to commence Kindergarten at Christ the King School in 2023. Families with children eligible for Kindergarten in 2023 are required to fill out a Kindergarten Enrolment Application Form.  Forms can be obtained from the office. Due to high demand for places, interviews for Kindergarten 2023 will commence early Term Two.

3 Year Old Kindergarten Enrolments 2023

We are currently accepting 3 Year Old Kindergarten enrolments for 2023. Please contact Mary Urbano by email or phone if you would like to enrol your child. Enrolment in 3 Year Old Kindergarten does not guarantee enrolment in the 4 Year Old programme for 2024. Please let others know if they are interested!

Paint Me A Rainbow to Bring Colour to Autism Awareness

Autism is a difference, a different way of thinking and sometimes messages to the brain take a different and perhaps longer way to reach the brain. Over the course of next term, I wish to highlight the ‘super powers’ of autism and also mention some of the ‘frustrations’.

 Although Autism Awareness Day was celebrated last Saturday April 2nd Autism Awareness runs for the month of April. The theme this year is “Ignite change – Listen. Understand. Empower.” We celebrate embracing diversity and acknowledging the strengths and achievements of people with Autism. It is an opportunity to share information about Autism to spread awareness, acceptance and understanding and help make the world a more inclusive place.

Next term, my dear friend and founder, Kylie Beveridge of the ‘Paint Me A Rainbow Autism Awareness Foundation’ will be visiting CtK to help me setup a campaign for our school. This also leads into my other passion helping and supporting children and adults who suffer from severe anxiety too. More information can be found on the following websites:

Holy Week

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week and is rich in ritual and symbolism. We carry palms, we process, and our church is no longer austere with purple, but full of green branches and the red of vestments. The first Gospel recounts Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and our second Gospel proclamation takes us directly to the passion and death of Christ.

We could be tempted to see this day as a historical re-enactment of such powerful and tragic events in Christ’s life. But, unlike those who witnessed this procession through Jerusalem over 2000 years ago, we celebrate this day in the light of the resurrection. We know that sadness and death have given way to new life and that Christ has triumphed over death. We live with the anticipation of hope and the promise of salvation.

Our fasting, prayer and almsgiving intensify during this week – the only week in our Christian calendar that we officially call holy. As we relive the rich Church tradition of Christ’s final days, we are reminded also of the many women, men and children around the world (most notably, the people of Ukraine) who are most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice. These are the faces of the suffering Christ in our time.

Every Easter, I remember the words of Michael Leunig. They are so challenging and yet so profound. I hope they have a similar impact on you.

“That which is Christ-like within us shall be crucified. It shall suffer and be broken. And that which is Christ-like within us shall rise up. It shall love and create.”

I wish all families the joy of the Resurrection this Easter.

Andrew Kelly

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