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Let us pray together and ask God to help us to see Mary as an example of how we can live our life.

O God You called Mary to be the mother of Jesus
and the mother of us all.|
Let the example of her faithfulness inspire us
to open ourselves to the fullness of your grace,
that we too, may bear Christ to the world.
Grant this in the name of the same Jesus Christ
who lives with you and the Holy Spirit.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary is celebrated every year on August 15th. This feast commemorates the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her assumption, body and soul, into Heaven. It is the most important Marian feast, and it is also a Holy Day of Obligation. Thank you to Fr Isidore and Fr Pius for leading us, our readers and choir for their exceptional work and, families for joining us. Thank you also to all teachers and children for creating lots of amazing artwork, which is displayed in the Hall and front office for your viewing.



This term, many students will be involved in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. This is an opportunity to perform in a variety of arts, to showcase various talents and to appreciate the talents of others. Thank you to our choir and Mrs Carroll for starting the festival off where they performed at St Benedict’s last Wednesday. This Friday we have students attending One Big Voice at RAC Arena along with Mrs Carroll and Mrs D’Angelo.

A reminder that this Friday is a pupil-free day for students as staff will be participating in a professional development learning about ‘Highway Heroes’, which is a social-emotional whole school program.


All Schools Cross Country at UWA

On Thursday, August 4, students from Year 3 – Year 6 competed in the All Schools Cross Country at UWA Sports Park in Claremont. This was the first time CTK has taken part in this event, where Primary children run against others from all over the State. The children were excited to look on the live App to see where they placed, and their race time. Savannah, Piper, Lloyd, Maksim, Max, Jake, Charlie, Logan, Dominique, Jaida, Leo, Marco, Diego, Gemma, Brielle, Antoinette, Charlotte, Emilia, Caelan, Marcello and Phin had a great day. Many thanks to the parents who came to support their children and the school. It proved to be a wonderful learning experience – one that CTK will continue to participate in. A huge thank you to Miss King and Mrs McLinden for taking the children to the carnival, bravo ladies!


Soccer, Netball, AFL Carnival (SNAFL) spiels from last Friday:


First of all, we would like to thank everyone for their consistent support. We couldn’t have won the Netball Carnival without you amazing people! We started the day with a smile on our face and a great game against St Patrick’s where we won. Our next game was a fun experience that we’d love to do again (with Our Lady of Fatima). We were kind of out of breath as we hurried on to verse our next team against Queen of Apostles (where we won again). Then it was our most challenging game against Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We looked dead on our feet as we trudged on to our next game against St Pius X which was a great game to finish off the day. It was truly a pleasure to verse all these awesome teams, it was a day we’ll never forget. We would also like to thank Paula Rubery for training us every Friday, coaching us on the day and leading us to an undefeated victory!

By Valentina Colalillo and Piper Bosenbacker



It was a challenging and exciting event. Most of the people played fair and followed the rules but some people didn’t, and they played rough. 

Our first match was against Saint Patrick’s. We scored in a short amount of time, but they shortly caught up. They were a really good team to go up against. Shortly after the 4th goal for CtK, the siren sounded, and we won that game. The second last


 game was the most challenging. We were up against Our Lady Mount Carmel. As soon as the game started the opponent was in possession of the ball and coming down the field. Once the game had finished, we drew that game. The rest of the games we drew and one of them we lost to Our Lady Mount Fatima. We placed second.

Overall, we had an excellent time and great teamwork was used. Thank you to Miss Kezic for training and coaching our team. Thank you to Mr Kelly for coaching two of our games on the day.

By Max Geracitano and Jude Lewis



CtK tried their hardest in AFL. First, we played St Patrick’s and won 32-4 it was a great game because they put up a real fight. The next game was against Our Lady of Fatima and unfortunately, we lost 71-14 but we still showed good sportsmanship by celebrating their win. The next game we had a better round because we won 59-9 against Queen of Apostles. We felt good about our win but even better when we won 122-6 against Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In our last game, we won 47-2 against St Pius. Thank you, Mr Geaney, for taking the time to coach us. CtK had really good sportsmanship. GO CtK!

By Joseph Ball and Liam Seaward


Book Week Monday 21 – Friday 25 August.

It’s about books. It’s about your children. It’s about fun!

The CBCA Book Week theme for 2023 is “Read, Grow, Inspire”.

Christ the King is hosting the Scholastic Book Fair as part of Book Week – a special time for our entire school community, being held in our school library from Tuesday, 22 August to Friday, 25 August. The Book Fair will be open each day from 8:00-8:40 am and again from 2:45-3:30 pm. It’s a perfect time to explore affordable books and products with your children. Plus, a portion of the sales benefits our school directly where we will use the money raised to purchase more reading books for our library. Children will be allowed to bring money with them to school to purchase books etc from the Bookfair.


Did you Know?

  • Koalas almost never drink water. They get fluids from the eucalyptus leaves they eat.
  • If you take your age and multiply it by 7, then multiply by 1,443 the product repeats your age 3 times.
  • The months that start with a Sunday always have a Friday 13th.
  • One-quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.


There are ‘great things’ happening in our school due to the efforts of so many people; seek to be one of those people in the coming week!

Keep smiling and let’s do great things together!

Andrew Kelly

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