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Heavenly Father,
We praise you for the gift of our fathers and those who have been father-figures to us.
We thank you for the life and love they have brought to our world.
May we raise our children to use their qualities for the glory and honour of Your name.



Dear Parents and Guardians,

There is tremendous power in little acts of goodness and service. I am privileged to witness that power every day in the way that parents interact with their children, the way that parents choose to interact with the staff, the way that staff interact with the students and most importantly, the way that our students interact with each other. Thank you to all in our community who genuinely make a difference each day!

Father’s Day! This is a special day for us to acknowledge the contribution of all fathers, to individual families and to societies at large. It also provides our children with an opportunity to express their love and respect for their fathers. Children depend on their fathers for spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and social well-being. For a daughter, her father is the ideal man and also the first man she adores, while for a son, his father is an idol and the strongest man he aspires to emulate.


Thank you in advance to our P&F for organising what will be a fabulous breakfast tomorrow morning to honour our CtK dads and father figures. I hope you all enjoy your celebrations of Father’s Day this weekend and I wish all our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and father-figures a very Happy Father’s Day! I also wish to thank the P&F for organising and setting up the Father’s Day Stall today plus all the tremendous hard work you do behind the scenes. Bravo ladies!


National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week (September 3-9) 2023 will continue to embrace the overarching message that ‘Every child, in every community, needs a fair go’ will be complemented with the theme ‘Where we start matters’.

In particular, this year we will be shining a light on children growing up safe and supported.

Children and young people thrive when they grow up safe, connected and supported in their family, community and culture.

They have the right to grow up in environments that support them according to their needs, now and into the future.

This year let’s talk about how we create a supportive environment for every child. National Child Protection Week will be looking at what works to keep children safe and supported… what children are telling us… what families are telling us… what the evidence is telling us… and how to translate this knowledge into action.

We know that too many children are not growing up safe and supported and that Child Protection systems are overloaded. There are many opportunities to change the trajectory for these children.

We can stop child abuse and neglect – and reduce its impact – by working together to make sure every child in every community has a fair go.


Education Assistant Appreciation Week

This week we celebrated ‘Education Assistant Appreciation Week’. As we know, a lot of the hard work that Education Assistants do goes above and beyond their roles and responsibilities. Whether that’s making sure children get to class on time, monitoring children and keeping them on task, going shopping, or helping in the classroom; teachers know this work is often the difference between a good lesson and a great one.

Our Education Assistants are the heartbeat of this outfit and at CtK, we are very fortunate to have absolute winners.

We should never underestimate their value to us as teachers, to our parents and most of all to any of our students who need help at different times.

Of course, this isn’t to forget the impact that Education Assistants can have on individual children. For young learners with special educational needs, having an extra helping hand can be the difference between success and failure.

So, from the CtK team of teachers, families and students, we say thanks to our Education Assistants for their hard work and dedication to our school community.

I cannot believe that next Friday, 8 September is our Quiz Night! It feels like only yesterday planning for this was underway. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Last Day of Term Three

A reminder the last day of term three is Thursday, 21 September for staff and students. Staff have Friday off as part of the work we do in attending the Sacraments on weekends throughout the year.


Perth Royal Show

Mrs Jenelle Russo is taking CtK students to perform at this year’s Royal Show as some of our students are participating in a group song – fix you: Coldplay on the morning of September 28th, 10.20am. We wish them the very best!


One Big Voice

A huge thank you to Mrs Carroll, Mrs D’Angelo and Mrs Russo for taking the choir to One Big Voice, Friday, 18 August. Everyone came back buzzing from the day. In the photo, you can see our children in yellow (on the right).



Be inflamed by the fire of love.

Red for courage shown by St Emilie De Vialar, the foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition.  Sisters from the order established Christ the King School in 1903. 

  • Fleur-de-lis
  • Fire
  • Passion

De Vialar House was named after Sister Emilie De Vialar. She was the foundress of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition.  The congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph was established in 1832 in France and from here 42 houses of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition were establish throughout the world including Australia.   Four French Sisters of the Congregation of St Joseph of the Apparition arrived in Fremantle in 1855. (The Swan River settlement was then just twenty years old). 

With the turn of the century, the congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph was well established and as further expansion took place the sisters began teaching at Beaconsfield in 1903, walking there and back each day from the central house in Fremantle. However, as it was time-consuming and tiring it was later decided that they should stay at Beaconsfield during the week (in rather primitive accommodation) and return to Fremantle at weekends. These sisters were the founders of Christ the King School.

Red was chosen for De Vialar House for the courage shown by Sister Emilie De Vialar as she followed God’s calling and established the congregation despite many difficulties and setbacks. The fleur-de-lis signifies her heritage which is French. The triangle in the background represents the spirit of unity, obedience and simplicity to which Emilie De Vialar always perpetuated.  

The motto of De Vialar House is: Be inflamed by the fire of love.

De Vialiar House Liturgy – School Hall on Wednesday 6 September, 2.30pm.


Inaugural Speak Up Awards

Students in Years 3-6 are currently preparing public speaking talks as part of their oral language assessment for this semester. On Thursday, 21 September, our students from Years 3-6 who have made the Grand Final will be competing in our inaugural Speak Up Awards from 1:30pm in the hall. We hope to see many parents attending to listen to the public speaking. Our two judges are School Support Consultants from the Teaching and Learning Team at the Catholic Education Office WA.


Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Nativity of Mary, the Birth of the Virgin Mary, refers to the feast day celebrating the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus, which is next Friday, September 8.


Bush Cooking with Year Two and Pre Kindy

The Year Two children cooked cheese scones on the campfire, which they really loved doing. The Pre Kindy children roasted a marshmallow on the campfire. Awesome learning and fun!


There are ‘great things’ happening in our school due to the efforts of so many people; seek to be one of those people in the coming week!

Keep smiling and let’s do great things together!

Andrew Kelly

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