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From the Principal – Term 1, Week 4



Each morning once I have completed my morning duty, I enjoy visiting classrooms. It is always a delight to see the buzz of excitement emanating from your children as they work with their teacher and classmates. It amazes me the conversations I have and the learning that takes place. I enjoy the children’s input and am delighted at the fabulous opportunities our students enjoy. Our dedicated staff have been working hard on creating areas of curiosity and investigation through the use of a variety of learning opportunities.




Schools have a ‘duty of care’ to students, staff, parents and visitors on the site. To fulfil our ‘duty of care’ to everyone on the school site, all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the front office.  This includes parent helpers.

 Although this procedure may appear a burden, it will ensure that the school can account for all individuals in the event of an emergency and it will help us increase our ability to protect any student, staff or parent on the site. The sign-in iPad is situated in the front office.


EXTREME HEAT POLICY – As the heatwave persists in Perth, I wish to assure our Christ the King families that we are reminding students to apply sunscreen before each break and children are encouraged to take food, water and shade breaks. On extremely hot days, we have had lunch and play indoors.



Year 6 students clowning around in their Circus Challenge Incursion. They had a blast learning new skills, took part in team-building activities and positive risk-taking. For lunch, they were treated to a decadent Dominos lunch followed by an afternoon of water fun.


ASH WEDNESDAY – We will celebrate a Liturgy of the Word in each classroom. The teachers will distribute the ashes, blessed by Father Liam following the Covid regulations from CEWA. The ashes will be sprinkled with cotton wool, on the forehead of each child.

Ash Wednesday begins our forty-day season of Lent that leads to Easter. On Ash Wednesday, we come together like the people of the Old Testament to remind ourselves that we do not always follow God’s ways and that we need to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Like God’s people in the time of the prophets, we wear ashes to show that we want to turn away from whatever keeps us from God, and to have a change of heart, so that we can live in peace and in joy with God and with each other.


WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP – If you have any concerns about your child’s education, the first point of call is the class teacher. Sometimes a message on Seesaw or email is not enough. If you require a meeting, our teachers are very obliging, and this can be arranged at a mutual convenient time over the phone. As I will state in all my enrolment meetings, we want to work in partnership with you, for the benefit of your child’s whole education.


COVID UPDATE – Thank you to all families and children in Years 3-6 for responding so diligently with the restrictions that have been placed on schools by The Chief Health Officer and Premier. The conditions of entry to schools have become quite restrictive and I am aware of the difficulties this can cause. As your child’s educators, we rely on our partnership with parents to help us care for children during this challenging and confusing time. A huge thank you also to children and parents in Years 3-6 for trialling mask wearing this week at school. Children are most welcome to continue wearing their mask, however, it is not compulsory. As parents, you can discuss this with your child if you wish to wear a mask or not (until they become mandatory).

Our paramount consideration in all we do is the safety and well-being of the children in our care. Our expert advice is that the steps we have taken will help keep our school open, and our children, families, and community well. I think you will agree that our mutual child-focused purpose should take precedence over all other inconveniences and adjustments to routines. Once again thank you to all the wonderful families who are adhering to the new restriction’s requirements by being agile and flexible.


VENTILATION AUDIT – At the beginning of this year an assigned company came through the school to test the ventilation of every room in an audit arranged by CEWA. We are yet to receive the report, however, it should arrive by the end of this week. Any room that does not meet the ventilation requirements has been clearly marked with a red dot, like my office. Our classrooms have been marked with green dots. If required, air purifiers will be purchased and placed in rooms that the audit identifies. A CO2 monitor will be delivered to our school sometime next week. The health and well-being of all our students and staff is our top priority.

Andrew Kelly

School News


After last Wednesday’s meetings the School Advisory Council has endorsed expenditure for the following:

On behalf of the School Advisory Council (SAC), I would like to acknowledge and thank Andrew Kelly and staff on the development of the 2022 School expenditure plan. They have put effort and time into ensuring that the plan will benefit the entire school from the early childhood centre to year 6, fit within the allocated budget and be spent in areas that will provide the best outcomes for the children. The SAC fully supports and endorses the plan and we look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

The Advisory Council is very excited to allocate money for new flexible Library furniture, Science tables & stools, Digital Technology – BOLT Spheros Box of 15, a Green Screen in the Digital Technology Room, renovations to Year One and the ECE Learning Centre classrooms and Airconditioning in Chapel. As these start to become visible in and around our school, I will share photos in the newsletter.

Mary-Rose Di Tullio
SAC Chairperson

The P&F is very excited to be contributing $18,500 to upgrade all the classrooms, with a particular focus on early childhood and The Special Needs Learning Support Centre, giving the opportunity for more hands on, play based learning; giving our teachers quality resources to invest into our children’s education, and overall school experience. An additional $7,200 will be contributed for the long-awaited upgrade of the outdoor area behind the kindy classroom, Year One and Learning Support Centres to create sensory play areas. This is all possible because of the contributions each family at our school makes towards our P&F, plus the tireless efforts made by its members in fundraising for our school. We are delighted to be able to support our hardworking teachers in creating such amazing learning environments for our children. Thankyou Mr Kelly for your vison and proactivity. We are eager to see the improvements to our school come to life over the coming months.

Shortly, staff will be visiting other schools to observe provocations, teaching and learning and classroom setups. These are very exciting times for the students, staff and parents at Christ the King School.

Alison Hodgson
P&F President



Please remember that Christ the King’s parking for parents is in three areas: ECE Carpark, Learning Centre Carpark and the Loop. All parking on Annie Street and Caldwell Street is public parking.  We share it with the public, including families of children that attend Winterfold Primary School. Thank you.  




With any change comes other changes. Our students are about to be provided with an opportunity to be a part of a new change in the formation of a Student Council.

The Student Council Role and Responsibilities will include:

  • Promoting the Student Code of Conduct with actions and words
  • Promoting and modelling our values:


  • Develop leadership skills
  • Listen
  • Cooperate
  • Communicate
  • Contribute
  • Connect
  • Promote
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • Honesty

Nominating students will need to apply for a position on the Council and provide information as to why they would like to be on the Council and what qualities they have to be able to support the Council.

The Council will meet regularly during the lunch break to discuss, decide and facilitate school improvement from a student ‘Voice’ perspective.



Waste Sorted Schools, Keep Australia Beautiful and the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council provide workshops for teachers to learn how to avoid and recover waste, and protect our environment, through litter prevention and waste reduction.

 This workshop includes:

  • a step-by-step guide on how to run a whole school waste and litter prevention program
  • loads of resources to take back to your school
  • laws relating to litter, social and environmental impacts and behaviour change
  • how to get started with waste avoidance and resource recovery projects
  • information on how to become an accredited Waste Sorted School and apply for grant funding
  • resources and incursions available from EMRC
  • a student-led tour of the waste initiatives at Hillcrest PS.

Both Mrs Hughes and Mr Albuquerque attended this Workshop on Tuesday, 22 February with the aim of forming the basis of a staff led team that will work with our student leaders in the newly named ‘Green Team’ to increase and improve Christ the King’s waste reduction and sustainability.



We have 12 new chickens (pullets) enrol at the start of the term. Having just started to lay, they will need your help with ‘Extra’ nutrition in the form of kitchen scraps. Feel free to build them up with anything you have to offer, “Except” for:

  • raw potato including potato skins
  • avocado (too delicious)
  • chocolate (way too delicious)
  • onion (can be added later)
  • garlic (can also be added later)
  • citrus fruit
  • uncooked rice or
  • uncooked beans
  • bread.

Thank you for your support with this.

Brian Dobbie
Assistant Principal


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